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The Wild Ones

The Wild Ones Journey 2 - The Wilderness Discovery

The Wild Ones Journey 2 - The Wilderness Discovery

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In “The wilderness discovery” we are taking you on a journey into the unique wiring and blueprint for your life and calling that will address the lies of the enemy, unmask the greatness that has been hidden, and reveal the flow you didn’t know you had, and help you to trust how you hear, see, and operate in the gifts upon your life.

You will learn:

  • How to identity your specific gifting’s
  • Your prophetic expressions and prophetic personality
  • How to operate in the prophetic gifts and stir up your dream language.
  • How to understand the basics of times and seasons and the parabolic prophetic language.
  • To know the tools God has given you.

Journey start: April 29th 2024

Length: 4 weeks

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