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The Wild Ones

The Wild Ones Journey 3 - The Wilderness Trials

The Wild Ones Journey 3 - The Wilderness Trials

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In “The Wilderness Trials” we are taking you on a journey through the dangerous terrain and common battles that all of us encounter but few make it through. It’s the seasons of giants, bears, Sauls, witchcraft, insecurity, opposition, persecution, and Jezebelic attack that shipwreck even the most resilient voices. In this journey we want to see you leave the place of woundedness, victimhood, and get set free so you can truly step into your calling as a wild prophet of the Lord.

You will learn:

  • How to leave woundedness behind and step into sonship
  • How to go discern spiritual attacks and atmospheres
  • How to rise above the warfare of the enemy
  • How to break ties with Sauls and all ownership over your life.
  • How to sever the assignment of Jezebel on your life and find your roar
  • How to navigate dishonor and betrayal in the kingdom

Journey start: July 1st 2024

Length: 4 weeks

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