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The Wild Ones

The Wild Ones Journey 5 - The Wilderness Revolution

The Wild Ones Journey 5 - The Wilderness Revolution

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In “The wilderness revolution” we will lead you on a journey through the current climate of the church, the prophetic compass, the five fold army, and developing your global focus where you will learn how to impact the world around you, be a bold voice for the times, and launch the movement that you carry.

You will learn:

  • What your place/role is in the global sphere
  • How to reveal the love of God while spearheading truth
  • Moving into a new era of revelation and governmental operation
  • Redefining the five fold
  • What your movement is and how to begin the grassroots movement you carry
  • How to impact culture with your voice.

Journey start: November 4th 2024

Length: 4 weeks

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