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The Wild Ones

The Wild Ones Journey - Early Bird

The Wild Ones Journey - Early Bird

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The earth needs healthy prophetic voices that cut through the noise of the times and reveal the heart of God, but the prophets have been forced underground, wounded, rejected, cast out, and exiled to the wilderness. They have been disillusioned, lost, and wasting away while the voiceless church has come to a grinding halt, unable to see the way forward. As I was praying about timing on launching this I heard the Lord say “It’s time to gather my eagles!”

The wild ones prophetic mentoring journey is an out of the box prophetic experience where we are turning over the tables of traditional prophetic schools and conferences and leading you into an encounter with the father heart of God as you step into greater depths of your calling. It’s prophetic mentoring with a strong focus on heart health, character development, healing wounds, deliverance, operating in the gifts, and being mobilized.

It’s time to find your eagle pack and soar. It’s time move past the years of identity assassination and painful isolation and join the global convocation of eagles suddenly feeling the longing to break out of the strongholds of the past and FIND THEIR VOICE.


Time: 5 months broken up into 5 x 1 month journeys based on each of the sections of the wild ones book.


Leading up to the launch of the Wild ones prophetic mentoring journey we have created an early bird registration for the whole year of prophetic mentoring with limited capacity. Join between November 2023 and January 2024 to secure your spot.

What’s included?:

  • $200 off the yearly cost
  • All five prophetic mentoring journeys
  • The Wild Ones physical book
  • The Wild Ones study guide printed
  • The Wild Ones field journal printed
  • Access to our online Eagles nest community
  • Access to our online eagles chat
  • Daily conversations and activations
  • Weekly live gathering
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Weekly ministry time and prayer
  • A safe environment to develop in your calling
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