The Wild Is Calling

Prophetic Mentoring

Have you been frustrated in your calling? Have you felt muzzled and silenced? Do you feel like a misfit in the current church and beat to a different drum?

Do you long to discover the freedom and permission to be the wild version of you God wants you to be? Are tired of being alone and want to find your people and finally step into your destiny as a mighty voice in the earth?

Join The Wild One's prophetic mentoring for a transformative journey beyond traditional norms. Rediscover your voice, break free from the past, and soar with a global community of eagles.

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Wild Ones Survival Guide

In The Wild Ones, you will receive: - Purpose for your wilderness season. - Direction for your unique, God-given gifts. - Healing from the pain of past rejection. - Encouragement to speak truth in the midst of chaos.- Empowerment to release supernatural solutions in your sphere of influence.

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