If you have any inquiries or issues please email us at hello@thewildones.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a prophet or prophetic to do wild ones journey?

No. In the new covenant God has given all of us the ability to prophesy so while we will be leaning into that gift throughout the year, this journey is for all offices of the five fold who identity as Gods wild ones! 

Who is the wild ones journey for?

The wild ones journey is for all believers who feel out of sync with the current church system, misfits, and especially those who know God has called them to be a voice in the days ahead. 

Nate what is your personal heart and desire for this year of The Wild Ones?

I want to see the decommissioned and muzzled find their passion and voice again. I want to make the crazy out of the box ones feel normal not like a problem. I want to see you healed and whole and finding your message. I want to see you step into your shoes and off the sidelines. But most of all you want to see you encounter the father heart of God which is the ultimate game changer for any pioneering voice. 

How long is the journey?

There are five journeys throughout 2024. Each journey lasts 4 weeks total. 

How do I access the journeys?

Go to www.thewildones.co and sign up (if you haven’t already) as a new student. Please remember your log in and password as you will need these each time you log in.

What do the journeys consist of? 

The journey consists of reading through the book “The wild ones” together and then diving into daily discussions in the online group. The major component of the journey however is the study guide where you will be able to make the topics personal and relatable to your own path and grow in areas you have been stunted in. The weekly lives will be ministry focused where we will get to pray for you, prophesy over you and lead you into breakthrough, healing, deliverance, and impartation.  

What does my registration give me?

  •  The Wild Ones ebook 
  • The Wild Ones study guide ebook
  • The Wild Ones field journal ebook
  • Access to the journey of purchase 
  • Access to our online Eagles nest community 
  • Access to our online eagles chat 
  • Daily conversations and activations 
  • Weekly live gathering 
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Weekly ministry time and prayer 
  • A safe environment to develop in your calling 

What are the start dates? 

Journey 1 start: March 4th 2024
Journey 2 start: April 29th 2024
Journey 3 start: July 1st 2024
Journey 4: September 7th 2024
Journey 5 start: November 4th 2024

Will there be exams?

No, but the study guide has many reflection points that you can take individually and as a group to know you are on track. There are also questions throughout the workbooks designed to help you absorb and make the content practical and personal.

Is the course conducted fully online?

Yes! This is a completely online journey which you can access anywhere around the world. However you can also print your study guide and journal. 

How long will it take to complete the journey?

The journey alongside the group is 4 weeks, however you may choose to work at your own pace with the study guide.There will not be a time limit on your access to the material.

Do I have to be part of the community group?

We recommend being part of the community group to get the most out of the experience. Iron sharpens iron. We encourage you to lift up others  in their journey as they do the same for you- it will encourage and inspire you to keep moving forward. If you’re not in the group yet, please email us and we will make sure you are added.

Will I have access to the resources right away?

No. Each new weeks resources will be available every Sunday. This is to ensure the entire group is working on the same timeline.

When will the live sessions air and how can I access them?

Our live mentoring sessions will be recorded on the Facebook Group once a week each Thursday  at 3pm MST. We will notify you of the times on the Private Group. Playback will be available if you miss the live session.

Is help available if I need support in the journey?

Yes! You can email us hello@thewildones.co for any technical issues or advice. You can also post questions and ask for advice in our online community.

Will there be one-on-one mentoring available?

No, we cannot promise one on one mentoring. However there will be plenty of interaction from me and our leaders in the Facebook group. Their roles are to answer questions and help you along your journey. Please remember though, their roles are not to counsel you - this is not a journey of counselling, but rather guide you into closer relationship with the greatest mentor of all- the Holy Spirit.

What should I expect as a result of taking this journey?

In all of our past courses we recognize our role to set the environment and ecosystem for you, but beyond that, it is between you and Holy Spirit. We will encourage and draw out the gold in you, but what you will get out of this journey is what you put into it. Your openness to allow Holy Spirit to work in your heart throughout this season is your greatest asset and key to real growth.

Is a desktop the only way to access my learning material and the group? 

No! You can access grow all from your smart phone! Firstly, you can access your learning dashboard by downloading the Kajabi app which can be downloaded on the apple or google stores and then signing in using your email and password you registered with. For our grow community we are excited to launch our community app which can be downloaded on the apple and google stores. Simply type in grow community and login using your email and password. 

Will there be face to face gatherings this year and if so where? 

Yes! Stay tuned for wild ones gatherings being held in Colorado Springs in 2024. 

If I join does it mean I will get a prophetic word from Nate or an endorsement of some kind?

No, we can’t promise that we will be giving you a word, in fact wild ones is built around the desire to see the whole church stepping into her shoes knowing how to hear his voice and minister to others. We communicate this regularly so not to build a false expectation that joining us will entitle you to receive a word. 

Do you have any requirements for those who join grow?

Our expectations for those who join us are as follows:

  • Be able to speak and understand English.
  • Have sufficient technical knowledge to operate a desktop computer and/or smartphone, including running learning programs and downloading apps, etc.
  • Come into the group with a genuine desire to heal and grow. If you aren't interested in confronting what has been holding you back, it may not be the place for you.
  • Rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you and avoid dependency on people.
  • Be hungry and self-motivated.
  • Be teachable.
  • Looking to launch out. Once you have been through our pathways we want you to launch out of the nest and into your destiny! 

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, we do provide a payment plan option that allows you to pay the year monthly.

What is your refund policy?

You have a week from the date of purchase if you change your mind to request a refund. For more info on refunds go to our terms page) For payment plans this applies too. Please note all payments are in USD.

So what happens from now til the journey begins? 

With the official kickoff of the first journey being March 4th 2024, here is the timeline leading up to our prophetic mentoring adventure;

  1. The clarion call: From now until March 1st we will be raising the trumpet and sounding the alarm for the voices out there who need to join us. If you want to help spread the word please free to by sharing the wild ones social media posts. 
  2. The preliminary flight; Join me live throughout January and February as I host “The wild ones conversations” and get the message out.
  3. The resource drop: On February 1st you will get access to your welcome section on your dashboard and also access to your e-book, e-journal, and e-study guide. 
  4. The send out: If you have ordered hard copies of the journal or study guide we will be sending them on the first week of February so all domestic and international folks get them. 
  5. The convocation begins; On February 27th you will be sent the link to join the online eagles group so you can start engage, meet others, and get warmed up for the journey. 
  6. The flight: On March 4th we begin!!