Prophetic Mentoring

An entire year of prophetic mentoring

Have you been frustrated in your calling? Have you felt muzzled and silenced? Do you feel like a misfit in the current church and beat to a different drum?

Do you long to discover the freedom and permission to be the wild version of you God wants you to be? Are tired of being alone and want to find your people and finally step into your destiny as a mighty voice in the earth?

The earth needs healthy prophetic voices that cut through the noise of the times and reveal the heart of God, but the prophets have been forced underground, wounded, rejected, cast out, and exiled to the wilderness. They have been disillusioned, lost, and wasting away while the voiceless church has come to a grinding halt, unable to see the way forward. As I was praying about the timing of launching this initiative, I heard the Lord say, “It’s time to gather my eagles!”

The Wild One's prophetic mentoring journey is an out-of-the-box prophetic experience where we are turning over the tables of traditional prophetic schools and conferences and leading you into an encounter with the Father heart of God—as you step into the greater depths of your calling. It’s prophetic mentoring with a strong focus on heart health, character development, healing wounds, deliverance, operating in the gifts, and being mobilized.

It’s time to find your eagle pack and soar. It’s time to move past the years of identity assassination and painful isolation and join the global convocation of eagles suddenly feeling the longing to break out of the strongholds of the past and FIND THEIR VOICE.

    • How to develop a lifestyle of intimacy
    • How to rediscover your wildness again
    • How to connect to the father heart of God
    • How to surrender to the call
    • The 101 of the prophetic calling
    • Ministering out of overflow again
    • How to identify your specific giftings
    • Your prophetic expressions and prophetic personality
    • How to operate in the prophetic gifts and stir up your dream language.
    • How to understand the basics of times and seasons and the parabolic prophetic language.
    • To know the tools God has given you.
    • How to leave woundedness behind and step into sonship
    • How to go discern spiritual attacks and atmospheres
    • How to rise above the warfare of the enemy
    • How to break ties with Saul’s and all ownership over your life.
    • How to sever the assignment of
    • Jezebel on your life and find your roar
    • How to navigate dishonor and betrayal in the kingdom
    • How to break out of religious holds and patterns and fully engage in the permission of heaven over your life.
    • How to write prophetic words/release your flow
    • How to tap into times and seasons.
    • Operating in the fear of the lord and breaking ties to the fear of man.
    • Understanding how your mantle works
    • Commissioning others
    • What your place/role is in the global sphere
    • How to reveal the love of God while spearheading truth
    • Moving into a new era of revelation and governmental operation
    • Redefining the five-fold
    • What your movement is and how to begin the grassroots movement you carry
    • How to impact culture with your voice.

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What’s Included:

  • The Wild One’s (Ebook)
  • The Wild One’s Study Guide (Ebook)
  • The Wild One’s Field Journal (Ebook)
  • Access To Our Online Eagles Nest Community
  • Access To Our Online Eagles Chat
  • Daily Conversations And Activations
  • Weekly Live Gathering
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Weekly Ministry Time And Prayer
  • A Safe Environment To Develop In Your Calling
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